• Gutbuster Man Chili Recipe


It was Friday night. I was home alone. This made go a little crazy.

The cure? Obviously, it’s firing up a camera and recording myself cooking. What else? That is what everybody does when you work from home on a computer all day and your girlfriend lives 300 miles away. It’s totally natural.

Now cut me some slack – my chili recipe is REALLY good.

If you’re as bored as I was, you can watch me make it below:

If you’re actually watching this video, kudos to you. We must be friends, or you at least find me somewhat entertaining. And in THAT case, I feel really bad for you. In that case, feel free to stalk me some more by checking out my girlfriend’s raw food blog at http://www.LiveLifeAlive.com. I make a cameo appearance once in awhile under the pseudonym “Boy.” Thanks for keeping me company, y’all.

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