• Raw Gutbuster Man Guacamole


It was Friday night. There was a pink apron. And we were hungry. It just made sense to put on the pink apron and make a delicious man meal. Because that’s what you do when you’re a man.

On a serious note, this is the most delicious guacamole you’ll ever have, and it’s 100% raw and healthy for you. Not just okay, but actually VERY good for you, especially for vegetarians like me who have a hard time getting enough calories without gorging themselves.

And remember, always use the self checkout line, because it puts people out of jobs.

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5 Responses to “Raw Gutbuster Man Guacamole

  1. David Miles says:

    Hey Ryan,

    What a great Man Meal lol ! ! ! its not what i expected when i started to press play : ) it was so much better !

    Next time i go shopping i will remember to always use the self checkout line, because it puts people out of jobs.

  2. mark says:

    I hope you washed the jalapeno after putting it in the baby seat -right where the clean/unclean (depending on the last person to use that seat) diaper makes contact with the plastic seat:)

  3. Barbara says:

    Ryan I think you need to make guacamole more often, it helps vent big time!!! the big lesson is that the ingredients and their health value are more important than the visual impact of the meal. that’s good news 4 U :) Menwhile you are doing a gr8 job – men out there need advice – powa 2 ya

  4. OMFG…. !!!!!!
    I just wanted to take a few minutes off, to start fresh after working 4 hours straight.
    Figured… why not go ahead and check Ryan’s Blog.

    First half almost made me pee in my pants..!
    You know, that fart-smelling-aspargus-pee that comes after your pink apron is set on fire by a random old lady at the supermarket, which is an obnoxiously too crazy fan of David Archuletta..

    You know what I mean ?

    God that was funny.
    If you ever get tired of Internet marketing man, just jump on a scene and start your own show.. lol

    Oh, and by the way, you seem like an aweful cook.. Real bad! Your stabbing-the-avocado part was probably even more dangerous than waving your knife around all your friends while they walk by you.. lol ;)

    Made my day ! Thanks

  5. supergrandjudie says:

    Loed your guacamole and chili videos. Any one who likes David Archuleta gets my vote. You made me LOL watching you. You.re very comedic, informative and interesting. I’m an older fan of David’s and now a fan of yours. You are a doll. You should ne on T.V.

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