• Step Five: Boost Your Campaigns With Articles


Step Five: Write Articles

For some people, it’s the first step that they take, but for me, I use article marketing as a way to scale my campaign once it’s shown to be profitable.

Before we dive into step five, here are the others to catch you up to speed:

Before You Start: Elbow Grease
Step One: Get To Know Your Niche
Step Two: Finding Affiliate Products
Step Three: Build A Basic Website
Step Four: Test the Market w/ PPC

With article marketing, I get a two-fer, and I rarely go through the process with only half of the benefit in mind. By correctly implementing this article marketing formula, you not only funnel insane amounts of traffic back to your websites, but you also dominate the search engines by building links back to your pages.

I’ve become known as a bit of an SEO authority over the years, and it has come not by my own claims, but from other people noticing that I can dominate almost any term that I target. To be honest with you, though, I don’t know much more of the “technical” side of search engines than the average person. My real expertise comes from generating a ton of links… and the majority of my links come from this article marketing strategy.

I call it the Affiliate Funnel, and here’s how it works:

1) Find 25 terms that I can easily dominate (I usually use Micro Niche Finder).
2) Write or outsource articles to be written about each key term.
3) Post the articles on EzineArticles.com and HubPages.com
4) Link the articles to one another.
5) Ping them at PingOat.com
6) Submit them to RSS feeds at FeedSubmitter.com
7) Bookmark them at SocialMarker.com
8) Submit them to Article Marketer and link back to the source.
9) Put them through Unique Article Wizard and link back to the source.

Basically, I follow Travis’s Bum Marketing Method, but I do it very aggressively, because I build a bunch of backlinks to each article. In fact, if you followed only up through step seven, you’d still be able to dominate most bum marketing terms that you target.

The reason that I go through this entire process is two-fold: first, it gets my articles onto the front page of Google for its key terms, and second, it elevates the quality of the backlink to my site.

In reality, I don’t really care if I dominate the front page of Google unless those pages have links back to my website, because my ultimate goal is to drive traffic to my website and have it be in the top three listings of Google for my “money” terms. And because I’ve already tested the market with PPC, I know which terms are going to be profitable.

Following this method, I build a pyramid of links: my RSS feeds and pings draw attention to the articles, and the Article Marketer submissions build links back to the original source. The bookmarks build high PR links back to the article, and the article links to my money page.

This is best outlined in this image that I totally ripped off from Todd at LongTailTreasure.com:


Following this method (and mixing in pings, bookmarks, and submissions to other directories), it is easy to achieve front page listing on Google for a long tail keyword.

I then “funnel” that traffic back to my money page and use a keyword-rich link to guide them there. In this way, I get on the front page for my 25 terms and “funnel” the traffic back to my money site.

And of course, I get my two-fer in the fact that all 25 articles link back to my original site, helping it climb the ranks of the search engines.

After one round of article promotions, you can rank all over the place for your selected terms, brings tons of traffic back to your web pages and affiliate links, and start making sales. I usually see a jump in sales after completing this process, but I don’t stop until my web page is at the top of the search engines.

I caught word this week that I’m the #1 affiliate for a very popular Clickbank product. You wanna know how I did it?

A month ago, I was seeing a big drop in sales and decided that I had to get my web page to the top of Google. I ran the Article Funnel strategy on it THREE times, and I’m now at the top of Google for my terms. This month, my sales are up almost 50% for this product, my advertising costs are down, and I’m their #1 affiliate.

This month, I’m also seeing a 50% jump in my best selling, most profitable affiliate promotion. You know why? I ran the Article Funnel on this campaign, bringing lots of traffic to my articles, and my web page now has a double listing on the front page of Google.

I could go on and on about the benefits of using article marketing, but all you really need to know is that it will get you traffic to your web pages, and linking back to your sites will increase its Google ranking.

But it simply isn’t enough to write ONE article and wait. Please don’t do that. Do not agonize over a campaign and then stop and hope for the best. No, you need to write and write and write and build and build and build. Once you’ve tested a market with PPC and have found key terms that convert, you need to build that sucker until he’s on the front page of Google. You need to write articles on long-tail keywords so that you can capture those visitors and turn them into sales.

Bottom line: article marketing is a super-fast way to get your content in front of the market and take advantage of search traffic. You can funnel all of your article readers back to your websites, which contain your affiliate links. And over time, building links back to your site will increase your Google ranking, which will skyrocket your profits.

This stuff takes time, and it isn’t mindless work. You need to HUSTLE. You need to hustle your articles to the top of Google, and you need to hustle to get a lot of them out there for their link juice.

People want to know where you can get free traffic… well, this is how. Put your stuff out in front of the market by writing on topics that they care about. How do you know what they care about? Find what they’re searching for. Don’t know what to write about? Hire somebody to do it, or pick a different niche that you CAN write about.

Put something valuable in front of the market, and they’ll come back to your site and get connected… whether that be with a product, with your character, or your email list… but that is for next week…

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77 Responses to “Step Five: Boost Your Campaigns With Articles

  1. marian says:

    Useful article – I’d add I’m doing something similar – but using more blogs to promote the products (mine and affiliate ones)



  2. Ryan R. says:

    Hey Ryan,

    They just made a rule on ezine articles that yo ucan’t link your articles together anymore.

    Thought i’d give you the heads up


  3. Nando says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing your strategy. I run a similar campaign except there were a couple of things from yours that could make mine better.

    Good Stuff,

  4. admin says:

    Response to Comment #2:

    Right, you can’t link to your other Ezine articles, but you can link wherever you want in within your author text box, which gives you plenty of room.

  5. MatthewDC says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I just wanted to start by saying I think this is your best post to date. Article marketing is something a lot of people are somewhat lost on. Most people just don’t know where to submit or how to go about it.

    My only question is this: Step 4 you say link the articles to one another. Are you including the hubpage as the source link in your ezine submissions or your money page? Step 4 makes it sound like you are linking the articles back to the hubpage and the hubpage back to your money page. Never thought about doing it like that as the articles themselves would build substantial links to your money site, so I just wanted to see if I was misunderstanding what you wrote.

    Also in steps 8 and 9 you say link back to the source, just for clarification, can you tell us exactly which source you are referring to in this case?

    Thanks for all your hard work. Most people wouldn’t give this kind of information out for free!

  6. Pam says:

    great stuff Ryan. I am working on getting a ton of articles written and submitted for a new campaign i am working on. cant wait to see the results.

  7. admin says:

    @MatthewDC Thanks for the good questions. When I say link to the source, I mean to the Ezine or to the HubPage. When you’re syndicating your content on Article Marketer or Unique Article Wizard or something similar, you should link back to your original source using your anchor text.

    In my HubPages and such, I link both to my other articles and to my money page. Usually, I like make my link to the money page stand out, while my links to the other articles are masked into the content.

  8. MatthewDC says:

    Thanks for the quick response! That definitely answers my questions!

    BTW, That smoothie video was awesome. I drink smoothies every day as well (although not with all that organic stuff you used) and I thought it was pretty funny to see you doing normal everyday stuff like making a smoothie haha.

  9. Gosia says:

    I just joined your emails/newsletters and some of what you say is a bit more towards knowing how to implement knowledge of html..such as “masking”, anchor text… I have a web page that I built myself called http://www.2pairs.net where I am selling my own book but also am an affiliate for a spelling book… I want to be able to expose this website to more people/thus buyers. My affiliate book would make more $$ then my own book so I wonder how I should rebuild my website (I built it myself with the help of godaddy and their website builder)
    I wish I could interpret the linking process, but I am clueless to how you do it…(even though you describe how it is done) Basically, you explain that you have to link articles but at I don’t understand how that is done. (You might be thinking I”m a blonde by now…jejje- I forgive ya Plus, congrats on being so young and getting an online business going…reminds me of Bill Gates ; (jejej)

    PS I grew up in Cleveland and have an uncle/aunt, cousins living in Parma, Ohio….you know Parme with the pink Flamingos ;

  10. Patrick says:

    Great post Ryan but I wish you could have shown us these steps in some of your videos. When are these gurus going to learn that we newbie IM’s are mostly visual learners and can’t put it in prospective by reading and sure as hell can’t apply it. Maybe i am just being negative right now but I think if Ryan could show us these steps in over the shoulder videos that would make it a lot easier to apply and take action on this stuff.

  11. Good info for those who are completely lost when it comes to article marketing. Keep up the good content!

  12. Jack says:

    Great post Ryan. As always you over deliver.

    I have a small recommendation for you, and for others reading this comment, regarding the structure of your blog.

    As you see, your post is written as p=176, and in terms of SEO it is highly recommended that the post name will be the subject of the post or a keyword you rank for. For example: Boost-Your-Campaigns-With-Articles.

    You should change your permalink structure to /%postname% in your WP-Admin.

    You go to settings -> Permalinks -> you choose custom permalink and there you write /%postname% and save changes.

    Hope this helps. Looking forward to read more of your posts.

    Jack Vidal

  13. You know Ryan, I think you are the only guy that really gives a damn about other marketers. This last post is great.

    I have written many hundreds of articles for EZA. From all that work I got nothing at all. I’ll admit that I am mainly a writer and I was not always writing for money. But with the Box where you are supposed to be able to sale, I sold little.

    EZA is a pain with all of their damned guidelines. I had an article put on hold because my link went to a site where I was selling!

    EZA is like Google. They are only interested in content and nothing at all else. They don’t care if the writers earns anything from providing them content. My top rated articles in every category of EZA along with over a half-million readers has brought me zilch.

    Also, EZA is very limited. No video, etc.

    I stop writing for them. I write for Squidoo but I get tired of updating lenses every day. It is turning into a nightmare as I add lenses.

    I have written for other article sites.

    Anyway, I like your method here and I’m going to try it.

    Still in the dorm?


  14. Ryan says:

    Jack, you’re absolutely right. I should do more SEO with this blog, especially with as much as I know. But this blog is really just more for my subscribers, and I care little about attracting outside traffic. But you’re right, I should do that.

    John, moved out of the dorm, but I’ll likely head back to the college town, as that’s where my subscribers voted I should live for the next year.

  15. Rob says:

    When you say link back to the source what do you mean>

  16. Rob says:

    Just read your reply about linking back to the source. Does that mean you would have several links back to squidoo, ezinarticles.com and also hubapges? If that is the case I assume you are not limited to just two backlinks?


  17. Will says:

    Great advice Ryan,

    Could you please elaborate a bit more on linking the articles to each other? Should each article link to other articles you’ve written as well as your site? And should you also be sure to avoid reciprocal linking in this process?


  18. Aaron says:

    Thanks for this info. Incredibly helpful tips. But the only thing I’m not clear on is Step #4, what do you mean by linking the articles to each other?

  19. Lee says:

    it seems like a lot of these places are for BLOG posts only…is that the case? for example, PingOat.com seems to promote this information to blogs only…not websites. can you clarify?

  20. Templar says:

    Ryan, you name a lot of services here in your steps. However, all these services are not free & possibly cost a lot of money on a monthly basis.

    Can you provide specific details of the costs that are incurred with each of these steps?

    Right now, I’m guesstimating that to achieve all these steps your already looking at a monthly spend of $200. Can you clarify this & be specific in the details of cost of this method?

  21. VictoriaNTC says:

    Thank you Ryan.
    I appreciate your sharing and the info on the submission tools too!
    I will be back to read on.
    So, you can link articles to each other then?

  22. Don Dolenec says:

    Great article. Article marketing has to be done right
    and you have to keep working it. My last ten articles
    from EZA all are on the first page of Google. Most in the
    #1 and #2 position. But i keep getting back links to the
    articles which keep them on the first page and push up my

  23. Sam says:

    you cannot link from ezine articles to other ezine articles….even in the bio box.

    I think it’s misleading what you’re saying.

    And isn’t Article Marketer spamming with duplicates?

  24. Ray says:

    I am with Will No. 16, I am a little confused on linking articles from one to another and when you say Source, The Original Article Should Be Linked To the HubPage and Ezine. So If you could give some examples, I would appreciate that.

    You said, When I say link to the source, I mean to the Ezine or to the HubPage. When you’re syndicating your content on Article Marketer or Unique Article Wizard or something similar, you should link back to your original source using your anchor text.


  25. Ryan says:

    Sam, that’s interesting – hadn’t heard about that change with Ezine. If that’s the case, then just link to HubPages or Squidoo. Ezine actually has a beautiful internal linking structure within itself, so you pick up links from other relevant articles down at the bottom of each page.

    Is Article Marketer spam? Is it spam when CNN syndicates their news stories to other news sites? Is it spam when something is Retweeted on Twitter? Having the same article in multiple places is not spam, it’s syndication.

  26. What are the best places to write articles? I know ezinearticles and hubpages are good but what about other ones, such as helium?

  27. Bryan says:

    Great stuff Ryan,

    Thanks for the article.

  28. David R. says:

    ok, my question is when you are testing with PPC, what exactly are you looking for your prospects to do? click on a product, leave comments? look at shiny objects? what is your rendition of “conversion”?

    Greeeaaat content i must add! keep up the good work

  29. Hey Ryan,

    Another really good post. Looking at this is typically why I stayed away from articles as it looks like this would take a lot of time… However the step by strategy you have outlined could be used to outsource this and I think that could be profitable.

    I have a few questions if you dont mind answering…

    1) So you pick your top 25 keywords that you can compete with, I take it you want your own site in the top 3 results therefore do you have individual pages within your site for each keyword or… do you matbe have 1 internal page that has a theme, to which you can point a lot of different, but similar keywords?

    2) Do you have a time delay you do each step? I doubt you would want to do all this at once as it would look spammy to the search engines so do you spread your submissions out over time?

    Thanks man and great blog

  30. [...] Check out Ryan Moran’s Blog [...]

  31. Louise says:

    Highly useful info as usual Ryan. :) This is very similar to how I learned to do article marketing but there are a couple of extra interesting steps here that I’ll look into to. Thanks and cool blog!

  32. Jolene says:

    I like the ideas of the videos as well. As you can see, there is a lot of confusion about how to link.

    Despite that…awesome post. You add real value with the content of your blogs. We appreciate that.

  33. Rollingthunder says:

    Ryan you should be known as the “Real Value Man”…Great stuff! thanks my friend!!

  34. Joseph Ting says:

    Great advice there. Good stuff!

  35. Chuck says:

    Thanks Ryan for this awesome post! Once again, you know how to deliver the goods. It’s just what we all needed.

  36. Andy says:

    Hey Ryan, I’m a total newbie in the IM world. Just found this resourcefull site of yours through PotPieGirl and I must say you rock dude. Great blog man and congrats on your graduation.

    Where can I sign up for your newsletters? I’ve read in one of your post sayin that TAG is now ok, but when I try to go there, my AVG is preventing me from accessing it. Is there any other way? Or can anybody here please point me to where I should go to sign up?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for this long one :)

  37. Deirdre says:

    Yep agree with Ryan,
    keep working, forget checking to see if you made sales, (well check once a week)…..
    keep working and dominate,
    then promote the promoters, it adds links and link wheels….
    once you keep working and follow the tips in Ryan’s step by step plan, it works, it slow in the start…..I know, but it pays off….


  38. kevin says:

    my comment is a little of the subject Ryan .. but i

    suggest you change the photo under the bridge Ryan .. not so good ..
    the bridge is distracting .. doesn’t make for a nice open positive environment .. and the way the bridge sits behind and over your head is not cool

    the photo against the mountains on the other hand is a good one ! has a positive feel .. strength .. but relaxed .. leadership, etc

  39. kevin says:

    adding to the comment above .. why the above ?

    well ive been involved in art and aesthetics all my life one way or another .. made some tv commercials too .. and training in ” reading the image ” ( ie ) the subliminal messages images convey, in art and especially in advertising ..

    but its not an exact science .. how an image is read .. the non verbal messages an image conveys .. well folks will have different opinions of course .. but in my opinion you can use something better than the bridge image .. just wanting to help .. after all i respect what your doing for folks and the way your giving people pointers

    best regards .. kevin

  40. Rich Monk says:

    Thanks a bunch Ryan!

    You sure offer a lot of help to others, and I really appreciate it.

    I was not sure how to leverage my articles. This info is so helpful!

    You’re the best!


  41. Brian says:

    Geeze…I guess you’ve convinced me to go back to article marketing (I know it’s CALLED Bum Marketing, but it’s not for the lazy man. I’d much rather just buy traffic and get it instantly.)

    But #1 affiliate is a stat that doesn’t lie….You’ve got me thinking Moran…You’ve got me thinking. See you in Austin

  42. Clint says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Excellent info. I’m still unclear about some of the concepts you bring out. You say in Step 4 to link the articles to one another. What do you mean by this? Shouldn’t the articles link back to ones website? What will it do to link one article to another article? How would one do this?

    Peace & Blessings,


  43. Rocky says:

    Nice concise article that says it all

  44. Clint says:

    Hey Ryan,

    It’s me again. I’ve been going through your other posts and am re-reading this one again. I must say I have been impressed with your info and offers since day one when I stumbled upon you. Along with my last post (41) I have a few more questions:

  45. Clint says:

    Sorry, I’m apparently trigger happy.

    – In the Affiliate Funnel, step 8 says to submit articles to Article Marketer and step 9 says to put them throug Unique Article Wizard. As these are both article submission services, won’t this create duplicate content?
    – of the above two services, which one would you recommend the most?
    – due to the ‘monthly’ cost of the above services, do you have any suggestions for services that are less costly for now?
    – have you heard of Mass Article Control?

    For the 25 terms you use, you seem to indicate that you write an article for each of the terms. Do you just write one article for each term, or multiple articles for each term?

    Thanks again for the advice Ryan, you’re a lifesaver/

    Peace & Blessings,


  46. Thanks for this post, Ryan.

    I, like many others here are also confused about which sites to link to from each article or blog post or hub or Squidoo lens.

    I submit to 100s of article directories- did you mean that each article I submit to any article directory should link to my Hubpage or Squidoo lens, AND to the Merchant website? (but NOT to my blog?)

    And that each Squidoo or Hubpage should link to the Merchant website and contain a RSS feed of my Blog?

    And each Blog post should link to the articles submitted to 100s of article directories and the Merchant Website (but NOT to the Hubpage or Squidoo lens?)

    Can you explain why it must be done this way?

    At the moment all my submitted articles point to my blog and the merchant’s site. My Squidoo lens / hubpages point to my blog and the merchant website.

    The same can be said about every content I make. So yes, there’s nothing pointing to my Hubpages, Squidoo lenses and Ezinearticles or Goarticles or Xanga or Wetpaint entries.

    btw, I also used Unique Article Wizard but I noticed that my articles were only appearing on low-authority and very low-traffic sites. Is this important or not? Is UAW merely going to high quantity instead of high quality?


  47. Ray says:

    I just came back after a couple of days and wondered if Ryan answered any posts, I am still confused along with Mary, Are you suppose to have RSS Feeds going to your Squidoo and Hub Pages And Articles That link back to your Squidoo and HubPages and Merchant Account.

    I would appreciate any response to this question.


  48. Clint says:

    I too hope Ryan answers these posts soon. I know you’re busy and living life, but are you out there Ryan – really need some clarification.


  49. Todd Alan says:

    Hey Ryan, Well done man!

    And thanks for the credit on the diagram too!

    I’ve actually got a new version of the free course coming out soon with a new diagram that I think will really make a significant difference. The new diagram I’m going to release is based on material I learned from Jeff Johnson, who is a master at building feeder networks, and Jason Katzenback who runs Portal Feeder and is also a master of building organic traffic networks.

    I’ll send you a copy before I release it. I’d love to hear your feedback on it.


  50. Robbeh says:

    I am confused on how you guys are confused :) .

    I think you guys are making things too complicated!

    It’s simple backlink building, what I think Ryan is trying to say is don’t just write articles and link them to the merchants pages or your sales page, link them to other articles.

    Use appropriate anchor text to get to those articles (if you have keyword#1 article link to keyword#2 article make the anchor text “keyword#2″). This is SEO 101.

    the objective is to bum market and rank those article number 1 for longtail keywords – linking the articles together gives them just enough juice to bump them to number 1 under long tailed searches.

    AT THE same time you want those articles to bump up your sales page rank to rank under those deadly keywords.

    Marj I don’t know where your questions stem from because he doesn’t say what you are asking, at least I can’t see it.

    Simple objective, give your articles backlinks to rank well, then use those articles to point to your sales site to get it to rank well.

    There is no proven way but this method is one that works, at least for me and obviously ryan.

    Ryan if im wrong feel free to correct me :) Just my 2 cents

  51. Ryan Moran says:

    Thank you, Robbeh. :)

    It’s important not to get wrapped up in details, too. Sometimes, you just gotta try stuff.

  52. faz says:

    Hey Ryan…
    AM debunked. I’m lovin’ it. How does a social bookmarking tool like bookmarking demon play a part in any of this? Do you bookmark the article or your site? Also if we can’t afford tools like article marketer or UAW to link back to source (are you referring to the original article or your site?), how many OTHER article directories would you submit a diff version of your article to?


  53. Clint says:

    Hey Ryan,

    How can I access the other comments, as I’ve been waiting for a reply to some responses I needed clarity on.


  54. Ray says:

    I am with Clint, where are the other 53 comments and I was waiting on a response to my question?

    If you can answer that,
    I would apprecite it,


  55. Hey Ryan

    I am trying to implement your article marketing strategy as I like the fact you have a step by step of what to do.

    I have a few questions though if I may… :)

    You say pick 25 keywords and write articles on each… If you need an article for ezines and hubpage and presumably on your own site do you wirte 3 unique articles on each keyword?

    With regard to hubpages what do you do here… Do you invest a lot of time updateing and maintaining the hub so that it ranks well in it’s own right or is all you really care about the links coming from that hub.

    With regard to Article Marketer and unique article wizard, are this integral parts of the system? (Are they worth thier cost is what I guess I am asking) And what do you mean by “link back back to the source” is the source the ezine or hub or is the source your own website?

    Thanks man


  56. timchuks87 says:

    hi ryan i have been following your trail for quite a while now.But never felt the need towrite until now.my question is simple howbeit condescending-u may be wondering whr has this guy been all this while-my question: i dont understand how the Rss feed works on my site.I haven’t even grasped it’s importance.Thanks.
    (you’re the liberal with valuables)

  57. Carl says:

    Hey Ryan,
    What do you like to use for an Article Submission software when you blast an article to 100s of sites?
    Also, same question for directory submission?
    Also, same question for bookmarking?

  58. Stephen says:

    Yo Ryan,

    I feel like I’m closer, to putting what I’ve learned from WA, PPG, AG, TD, and BM together.
    I rarely post, but your emails about the “why and the passion” of IM
    is good stuff.
    Still @ which way to go, but I’m committed to having a niche and site
    by end of year.


  59. Kyle says:


    Do you have anything to say about creating your backlinks too quickly? Do you think that there is such a thing?


  60. Glen Woodfin says:

    It seemed the Google Sandbox eased a bit in 2009.

  61. Great post Ryan. This stuff really works. I have tried this many of times and it definitely adds dollars to your clickbank account.

  62. Thanks Ryan for the informative post to get your site to the top. I am going to try your techniques because I have a few sites that need some link love and traffic!

  63. Ryan, you need to fix a link:

    http://http//ryanmoran.org/?p=173 should be http://ryanmoran.org/?p=173

    I now have my diabetes under control thanks in part to you.

    I thank you!


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  76. Hi! I’m Hullihen. I know it’s a bit off subject, but does anyone know whether bespoke languages tuition is the number one language tutoring outfit in the UK and the USA? They’re supposed to be endorsed by Oxford University? I’ve heard from a friend that the Spanish tuition and German tuition are great but I’ve heard little about their French tuition. They seem fantastic on their site but it’s tough to say, in particular when I am unsure what I should be looking for! Can someone help?

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