• Turning Crisis Into Opportunity


Recently I have found myself in a quest to find myself, seeking meaning in my identity, pondering spirituality, wrestling with my true purpose – if you’ve ever found yourself there, leave me a comment so I know I’m not the only one. :) For awhile, it felt like a crisis, like a shipwrecked sailor who couldn’t see an island for miles. Now, I’m realizing how much I have grown and continue to grow as a result of this journey, and it is creating opportunities in my personal life and also to make more money than I’ve ever made before.

Tony Robbins likes to tell the story of ten years in his life that he mapped out, documenting the major events that happened each month. He says that he was surprised that the times of greatest trial or tribulation resulted in the greatest growth and even the greatest joy in his life. It didn’t feel like it at the time, but those struggles allowed for changes and opportunities that created the most positive experiences later in life.

This is true for most people, as well, even if few of us record each month of our lives. The times that seem the hardest are the same opportunities that can provide abundance and joy, depending on how we deal with the present crisis. In fact, crises and new challenges are the reason why most people create online businesses.

For some, that crisis is losing their employment or the boss that threatened their security. For others, it’s hitting a wall in their personal development as they search for meaning, and they realize that they need more time with family. Others feel like me, as they recognize their call to something greater and seek to make it happen.

People on the outside may see these situations as trials or crises, and rightfully so, because they each bring their own set of challenges. But successful people see them as opportunities, even when the world says that they are insurmountable challenges. This is what makes us different.

Losing a job is new freedom to build a business. A personal struggle is an opportunity to find yourself. A broken relationship is the chance to pursue interests and people that have been neglected.

The key difference is what we do with the challenges and crises that we face. If we accept them as the world tells us that we should, then we are doomed to experience the same fate as the world. If we see them as opportunities, then we have the ability to turn them into joy.

The key is ACTION. Recently I did what I considered to be the scariest thing that I have ever done. Pushing through it gave me incredible muscles that can be flexed anytime a challenge appears to be in my way, and my life is so enriched as a result of that experience.

The same is true for your online business. When starting out, the challenge often seems insurmountable, as though you can never break through, and the fear cripples action. When we see the end result, however, and we recognize that it is an opportunity that will allow us to flex our muscles in the future, we take the reigns of our financial futures. And once again, the key is taking action.

Some refrain from taking action because of fear or the aversion to learning new skills, but when crisis hits (a job loss, a medical issue, a sudden need for cash), it spurs action to join Wealthy Affiliate, create their own product, or start a niche blog. And because of this, the crisis is exactly what was needed – a blessing in disguise.

Personally, my crisis had the end result of inspiring me to work within my unique abilities, because they enrich my life and the lives of others. As a result, my business will grow at record speeds in the next year.

It was just four years ago that another crisis inspired me to take immediate action; I was headed to college and had no way to pay for it. Because of that, I took immediate action to start an online business as an affiliate marketer, and it still constitutes the majority of my income. Hands down, the best place to begin as an affiliate is at Wealthy Affiliate – and with the price rising in just a few days (almost like a penalty for sitting on the sideline), the time for action is now.

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  1. James says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I know you already know my story but you asked for a comment so here it is. 4 months ago I was making good money working for someone else. Now I am flat broke but working for myself thanks to a unexpected and undeserved pay cut but I am happier than ever. Sure, I don’t go out for steak every other night but I have had more time with my family in the last 4 months than the last 5 years combined.

    Every month my IM income increases and so do the amount of visitors to my site every single day. Four months ago I might have seen 5 people come to my sites in a day whereas now just four short months later most days see anywhere from 300-400 visitors.

    The journey started long ago but I didn’t truly take action until I was faced with possible foreclosure and other nasty consequences of that pay cut.



  2. Mike says:

    I’m 22 and I’ve hit my spiritual rock bottom a few years ago. It sent me on a journey so magical and fulfilling I would never have imagined possible.

    Everything has been challenged, from my beliefs to my capabilities. I have grown so much in so many ways as a result, that I wouldn’t trade my spiritual experiences a.k.a LIFE for anything in the world.

    So Ryan, I’m letting you know you’re not alone :)

  3. dean says:

    Ryan, I too am a memebr of WA.

    Are you suggesting someone that loses there Job joins WA? Come on man!
    I know your story of makeing $100.00 a day your second or third day doing Affiliate Marketing but you know for most it takes time.

    Someone that lost their job will need that 39 bucks for food. Don’t make them think Job loss is the perfect time to persue affiliate marketing.


  4. admin says:


    Thanks so much for your comment.

    And you know? You’re right. If somebody is deciding between eating and starting a business, by all means EAT!

    But I have seen too many people hit a wall that caused them to make a change for the better than to tell people to start a business “when they’re comfortable.” When things are uncomfortable… THAT is the best time to take action. For some, that is a job loss, and I would recommend to anyone – even a good friend (I did this just a few months ago) – who has lost a job to start an online business.


  5. mark says:

    Hey Ryan, the video, “How I went..” didn’t play for me. How about sending me another link.

  6. Brian says:

    Man, crisis really does kick your butt into gear. I thank God for those tribulations He allows to come because they produce the best stuff if we allow it to. I’ve been finding that out to be true a lot lately myself. Didn’t Einstein say something like “Necessity is the mother of invention” or something like that?

    Ryan, we need to catch up…Are you still traveling around the world?

  7. Bret says:

    You are speaking the truth. By far the toughest times while trying to start my own ventures have always turned out to be the largest growth, at least mentally and fundamentally.

    It was pushing through and still continuing to push through the struggles that have put me in better positions to make more money and continue to do the things that I want to do.

    Good post.

  8. It’s easy to get frustrated. thanks for the encouraging words everyone


  9. Johnny Valentin says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I have been following you unofficially for years now via emails and you tube. I had a safe secure job back in New York but have been unemployed since last September! I haven’t been able to get a job after making very good money in NYC! I have been applying for thousands of jobs for months that I know I am overqualified to do and still no work… I am also a newly wed and am now living with my inlaws and my wife in North Carolina. Enough is enough! I gotta do something different in this new economy! You need your own business in this day and age because relying on the government and a company to take care of you is foolish! Man I gotta get the Wealthy Affiliate membership and follow you! You obviously know what you’re doing and making money at it so I would be foolish not to follow a tree that bears fruit! Btw I’m with you on the spiritual journey as well. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! The Golden Rule which happens to be in the bible as well :) Thanks for the encouragement and this post was plain awesome! Keep on keeping on my man ;)

    Johnny V

  10. Anne says:

    Hi Ryan, thanks for the good post; the content was so inspiring, as always. It really gave me something to think about. I happen to be in a crisis now. My daughter will probably be divorced soon; things have gone from bad to worse in her marriage. If the divorce does become a reality, she will have a really tough time making it from month to month. She still has one son at home who will be in ninth grade this coming school year. I have been trying so hard to learn different types of internet marketing but have been unsuccessful so far. I really need to put the pedal to the metal because I will probably have to help her out financially. You might say, “why don’t you tell her about internet marketing and let her learn it”. The big problem is that most people don’t know the first thing about IM; in fact, most people don’t even know it exists. When you try to explain it to them, they don’t think people can be successful doing it. Thank you for all of your posts and encouragement. I always look forward to reading anything you put out there. Thanks for being such a giving and helpful person.

  11. Olive says:

    i think we all go through something so we can be a living testimonial to other people going through difficult situations!

  12. Joe Ferrante says:

    What’s up Ry,

    We’ve talked quite a bit, not sure if you remember. But I was in your Etycoon class (I bought lovehandleexercise.net) and I am also a member of WA, and a subscriber to a couple of your lists.

    Anyhow, I am sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time dude. It sucks. Not sure what’s going on, but the way you described it kind of brought me back to my own personal struggle which only ended about a year and a half ago.

    Out here on Long Island (NY), heroin is a huge problem. From about 05-08 I had a pretty bad problem with it. I had nothing, I was in a relationship that made me miserable and I knew it wasn’t healthy, but I wasn’t strong enough to leave it. I was in debt, my family felt I was a big disapointment… and so on.

    It was a terrible part of my life, and sometimes I would just sit outside, smoking a cigarette and think, why can’t I just be friggin normal? Why the hell did I have to come across this stuff and totally ruin my early twenties. I should be out having fun with friends, chasing girls, getting a career started.. and instead Im wasting away. I honestly felt like there was just NO HOPE in sight. It’s a very depressing and discouraging feeling when you just feel like that pain will never end.

    I could go on for days about how much my life sucked, and how I didn’t have the will power to do a damn thing to help myself, no mater how bad I wanted a better life.. but I’ll try to keep the story short…

    I eventually caught my stupid girlfriend cheating on me and left to move back in with my parents… If only life could get any worse right?

    After about 3 months of living with my parents, something just clicked. To this day I have NO idea what the hell it was, but something clicked and I got clean. It was definitely a struggle, but nothing compared to how hard it had been when I tried in the past. I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I somehow cleaned myself up.

    Over the next several months, I took baby steps in fixing up my life. I opened a bank account (yea that’s right, I didn’t even have a bank account), I started eating better, I got out of debt, I saved up for a new car, I started apologizing and making amends to family old friends that I had screwed over, and started earning their trust back. I just got my $#!+ together. I was done being a friggin child.

    One of the things that I did along the way was buy a computer. I instantly got to work and started learning everything I could about internet marketing. I wanted to be successful more than anything in the world. When I was a junkie, I didn’t have any ambition. Now, all of a sudden, I had a burning desire to be successful. I worked around the clock. The second I got home from my day job, I got on the computer and started learning more and working on marketing.

    Now a year and a half later, I am not rich, and I haven’t even been able to make internet marketing a full time income yet. But you know what? I STILL bust my @ss every single day to be as good as I can be. I am SO much further along in life than I was 2 years ago. I have my own business! If you would have told me 2 years ago that in 2 years I would be a business owner, I would have laughed and said “yea ok”. But Im doing it man! And at this rate, I know that one day I will be very successful, because I put so much into it and have such a hunger for success.

    Moral of the story is, you could be at rock bottom and feel like life will never be the same one day, and a year later you could be feeling on top of the world. Everyone struggles, and everyone has up’s and down’s, but just keep pumpin through dude. You’re already a success story. You’re one of the first names I heard when I started marketing. You will find your way out of whatever mess your in eventually, and it will have only made you stronger.

    Thanks for all the quality stuff you put out, and for sharing your feelings with us. I hope one day we will meet up and get to kick it. Take care bro

  13. KP says:

    The future belongs to God, and it is only he who reveals it, under extraordinary circumstances.
    -The Alchemist

  14. WordpressGuy says:

    Hi Ryan,

    So many good points in this post. Tony Robbins is right about the trials we go through. They make us stronger and many times, we wouldn’t have moved out of where we were to where we are now, without the trials.

    How true!

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